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SQL - Pivot with Grand Total Column and Row

Introduction Microsoft SQL Server has introduced the PIVOT and UNPIVOT commands as enhancements to T-SQL with the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Pivot T

ASP.NET Custom Control + Crystal Report Dynamic Text Format

Download demo project - 97.68 KB Download database - 887.16 KB Download binary DLL (custom control) - 4.97 KB Introduction In this post, I describe how to

Database Security Testing In the Light of SQL Injection Attack

Introduction This article basically focuses on providing clear, simple, actionable guidance for preventing SQL Injection flaws in the database applications und

Difference between On clause and Where clause when used with left join in SQL Server

Download scripts - 1.88 KB Introduction The purpose of this article is to show the difference between the On clause and Where clause when using with left joi

PowerShell: Extracting persisted Workflow instances to XML files

Sometimes it is useful to extract variables from a persisted workflow to debug an issue or to verify your persistence for various reasons. Workflows are persist

The Complete Datagrid (Alphabetic and Customized Paging )

Download demo - 185.64 KB Introduction Datagrid: A data bound list control that displays the items from data source in a table. The DataGrid control allow

How to Use Update Cursors in SQL Server

There can be a situation where you have to use a cursor, even though the experts say not to use cursors or to avoid them as much as possible. But if you look cl

Database Design and Naming Conventions

Introduction I have looked around a lot and decided that the majority of "standards" for databases don't make sen

Single Responsibility Prinicple

SRP is one of the easiest principles to learn, but one of the hardest to master. The reason to this is that it can be quite hard to see if a method or class breaks SRP or not. I got a few simple rules

Signum Framework Tutorials Part 2 – Southwind Logic

Download Signum Framework 2.0 Binaries - 2.17 MB (also in Download Signum Framework 2.0 Sources - 1.48 MB (also in

A less evil singleton

I’ve been working a bit more with my Griffin Framework and I’m almost ready to release the Specification library in it. The specification library is an abstraction layer similar to CommonLog and Commo

WinRM in mixed domain environments

Introduction Windows Remoting works perfectly for same domain situations, and the set-up is relatively straight-forward. It's extremely powerful when it works, and offers a highly flexible way to s

Dynamic Decorator, Unity and Castle DynamicProxy Comparison

Download DynamicDecoratorCastleUnity - 246.81 KB Introduction Extending functionality by attaching behaviors to object has advantages over extending functionality by modifying existing classes or

Do you really need an ORM?

An Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is necessary only when you have: an object model, and a need to persist this object model to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). The latter may be

Handle Exception Carefully

Handle Exception carefully means I am not going to discuss some rocket science about exception handling but I am going to discuss not to shadow the exception in your program. Not going to discuss more

Solving Sudoku

Download Article Sudoku Solver english Download Article Sudoku Solver persian Download source IntroductionIn computer systems and in the third millennium, The speed is very important. Therefor

How to Multicast messages with SQL Server Service Broker

Starting with SQL Server 11, the SEND verb has a new syntax and accepts multiple dialogs handles to send on: SEND ON CONVERSATION [(]conversation_handle [,.. @conversation_handle_n][)] [ MESSAG

Web Scheduler for managing timed jobs with ASP.NET pages

Download jobs - 2.92 MB Download JOBS_db - 163.54 KB Introduction This article is about to introduce a web based job scheduler where you can add and manage your

Search Engine – Windows Tool using C#

Download source - 33.04 KB Objective I have always felt the need for a personal search engine like Google :) which would make life easy for me. Here I am creating a tool which would help us add to

How to pass a NULL value in a message to a queue in SQL Server

The SEND Transact-SQL verb does not allow to send a NULL message body, attempting to do so will result in error: Msg 8433, Level 16, State 1, Line 11 The message body may not be NULL. A zero-length