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Being Cautious With SQL Based Processes

Why being careful is such an important mindset when working with SQL and databases. At the Boston Public Schools, certain processes need to be run at particular times of the school year. There’s a c

Modular Game Engine Tutorial - 2.0 The Basic Framework

Download latest source code Add a new folder and name it Framework, then add a new interface to the folder called INode and replace the code inside with this: using System; using System.Collection

Peer Communication on Windows Phone 7

Download source code - 81.2 KB Download latest version of code Written against pre-release information One of the new things that we get with Windows Phone 7 is socket support. While I expected to

Performance of Dynamic Decorator

People seem interested in the Dynamic Decorator but are concerned about the performance overhead of the .NET remoting. Here, I try to clarify some mystery of the implementation of Dynamic Decorator.

FONT Embedding & Barcode Handling in ASP.NET

Download source - 29.46 KB View Output Local host output ASP.NET localhost port output Font Embedding for the Web It allows the fonts used in the creation of a document to travel with that

Instrumentation Library - Aspect Oriented Programming

Download - 24.38 KB Introduction This is an instrumentation library, which uses Aspects Oriented Programming. This library can able to log Performance, Tr

Modular Game Engine Tutorial - 0.0 Intoduction

Download latest source code In this tutorial, we'll be building a game engine from scratch. It will be entirely modular.A module will be a small piece of logic that will encapsulate behavior or hol

Modular Game Engine Tutorial - 1.0 Setting Up The Projects

Download latest source code To start, we'll need four projects, a Game project, two Game Libraries and a Content Extension Library. The first library project we need is to hold a class I'm calling X

SQL SERVER – Solution – Puzzle – SELECT * vs SELECT COUNT(*)

Earlier I have published Puzzle Why SELECT * throws an error but SELECT COUNT(*) does not. This question have received many interesting comments. Let us go over few of the answers, which are valid.

Silverlight Combobox Binding Null Value Bug Fix

Summary This article lays out a solution to a bug with the Silverlight ComboBox bindings.   You may notice that occasionally your data bindings on a ComboBox stop working and they do not up

Game puzzle

Download Article_Src - 2.14 MB Download Article_Demo - 2.13 MB   Introduction this is an easy game puzzle . in this game user must order pieces of picture near others to co

Apps Key in DevExpress GridControl

Download source - 26.22 KB Introduction In Windows, context menus are displayed either by right-clicking on the mouse, or by pressing the Apps key on the keyboard. This post describes how to imple

Tile Scaling for Maximum Area Coverage Based Upon Aspect Ratio of Tiles

Download ScalingTiles - 62.79 KB Introduction  Considering n number rectangles each of size h x w, what would the optimal size of these rectangles be in order to occupy the most area of a

.NET Dynamic Control (Label, Text Box and Drop Down) Creation

Table of Contents Introduction What is Dynamic control? Sample of Dynamic control Introduction Before I begin the introduction with dynamic control, I just want to specify how the control works

Setting Custom Ringtones from Code [Mango:Beta 1]

Written against pre-release information One of the new features coming with the next update to Windows Phone 7 is the ability to set custom ring tones. From within code, you can make a ring tone avai

SQL Table to Managed Type Creator

Download source - 50.24 KB Introduction This application generates and saves assembly at run time which represents the SQL table structure passed as input. The generated assembly at run time has p

Create Documentation for SQL Server Tables

Download source - 63.54 KB Introduction This post presents a tool that creates a Word document that contains the schema information of the tables in a SQL server database. It uses SoftArtisans' O

P.I. Per Inquiry TV Ads & YouTube Video Scriptor & Teleprompter

Download source - 1.07 MB Introduction I own an infomercial TV company and I do a a lot of P.I. or Per Inquiry ads on TV. Per Inquiry is where you pay a TV station 50% of what your ad sells instea

What are Online Compilers & Online IDE's?

Introduction It has always been difficult for programmers to organize and work on projects across a variety of locations, computers, and devices – especially when you work in teams. When you store

Real Time Stock Quotes, Stock Alerts & Indicators Using SlickGrid & Other Grids

Download source - 961.79 KB Introduction I produce my own half hour TV Infomercials and 60-second TV Spots that sell products I invent on National Television. TV time is the cheapest form of adve