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Mutliline String Literals in VB.NET

For as long as I can remember, VB.NET programmers have had to deal with the frustration of multiline strings. I remember programming in ASP.NET and creating lon

How to Implement Inheritance in Javascript

If you have done Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, you will know that you can create a class as follows:

Top five reasons that an application fails for certification in Windows phone 7 apphub

I have recently submitted my first home made application to the windows phone marketplace (AppHub) to be more precise. The link to the application is : Binary C

Adding Social Buttons, Twitter, facebook, Google +1, to ASP.NET MVC

An easy way to add social buttons to your site is to have a nice and portable ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper. According to the documentation for Tweet button, Facebook

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development

As a Microsoft MVP, I was fortunate enough to be able to see demos and follow the development of Microsoft’s project Kitty Hawk, better known now by its release

Game Attack Combos : WPF Hybrid Smart Client for Combo Calculations


Living in a Mobile Bubble

I’ve been so entrenched in learning the mobile paradigms over the past few months, that I suddenly realized I’m living in a mobile bubble. I have come to the

Continuous thinking: Essay: TL;DR - functional programming = SQL SELECT statement

I am currently in the process of studying F# - a functional programming language -. Since I am a big fan of meta-cognition, I am trying to find out how the mind

Difference Between SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS ON and OFF settings

In this article, we will discuss the difference between SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS ON and SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS OFF. Please go through the article SET QUOTED_IDENT

XNA/Android cross-platform and strongly-typed access to game contents

In this previous post, we already showed how to use T4 templates for several use cases, with a special focus on Resource Files (ResX). Now we are going to compl

Introduction to Windows Phone Programming: Part 1

I'm writing a  piece on Windows Phone programming and rather than wait for the entire piece to be completed I've decided to start making the sections avail

Generating Captcha images – ASP.NET MVC

There are a few simple plug-ins that you can use in your ASP.NET MVC app, like reCaptcha, but to have a fully flexible and integrated solution, you have to crea

DevForce Code First Walkthrough: From New Project to Running

The application itself is not the focus. We're not striving to make a useful application nor demonstrating best practices in UI design or development. Our purpo

KeyToggleStart: Yet another usage for keyboard hook

Hello Windows Mobile Users! Recently the following was requested: How can I start an application by just hitting some keys in sequence? The answer:

Windows Phone Labyrinth

Last month (September 2011) I received very great news: the Windows PHone SDK 7.1 had just been released. I opened the "What's New" session and it was full of n

A simple opengl example of Android using cle

Using common language extension(cle) as interface middleware, you need not care about JNI. The programming may be simple. This example is copied from ndk exampl

Create a live aquarium wallpaper in Android

how to create a live wallpaper which looks like an aquarium with fishes swimming across the screen. The fish animation is done using sprite technique.

ASP .NET Image Slider with fancy thumbnail hover effect

Recently I was checking out some nice jQuery image sliders and come across a fancy thumbnail hover effect. I decided to use this effect and set up an ASP .NET i

My first .NET Component, a DateTimePicker that accepts no date

I was updating existing programs at work and needed a DateTimePicker that allowed the user to leave blank or make blank (nullable). I searched for a control I l

Announcing the Microsoft Roslyn CTP

The Roslyn team has announced general availability of the Roslyn CTP!The official launch is at, and there were a number of blogs to publi