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High Performance Queries: GPU vs. PLINQ vs. LINQ

We hear increasingly about the power of graphics processing units for non-graphics purposes. NVIDIA's CUDA brought super computing ability within the reaches of

Microsecond and Millisecond C# Timer

Anyone who has used the .NET System.Timers.Timer class for low interval times will realise that it does not offer a very high resolution. The resolution will be

Generic WPF/Silverlight Value Converter

One of the things I do not believe one should do is passing WPF/Silverlight enumerations (i.e., Visibility) directly from the ViewModel to the View. All binding

How Well You Know About Mobile Sensors ?

Gone are those days, when people were using mobile devices only for calling and messaging purposes. The new era of technical innovations has carried these devic

A Reusable WPF Autocomplete TextBox (Part 2)

An overview of the Autocomplete TextBox using different the WhistlerBlue, ExpressionDark, or no theme.This article is based on the excellent article "A Reusable

Using Reflection to Parse and Generate Content Feeds

A few days ago, I came up with an interesting concept to enable quick and easy parsing and generation of syndication content feeds. Rather than using the stand

The Non-Generic Generic Pattern

From time to time I've needed to use generic classes but haven't known what the generic arguments are until runtime - for example, because I'm iterating over

No default IDs here. Move along.

I can hardly believe it has taken me this long, several few years in fact, to discover just how few ASP.NET Web Forms controls need an explicit ID attribute. I

File Server Viewer

File Audit Viewer solves the problem of viewing the output of File Server Audit. uses Microsoft SQL to

Google Static Maps HTML Helper

One of the features that I like the most in ASP.NET MVC is HTML Helpers, I use them all the time, and I also use Google Maps very often, so it's natural to join

SSDL: Simple Self-Testing Data Layer

Like everyone else, I occasionally write utilities to consolidate the logic of database access and object population in my applications. For just calling stored

Change Shared folder location in an MVC 3 site

If you want to change the location of the shared folder in your MVC 3 App, then this is a must read.When you create a new MVC 3 Web Application Project, a defau

Creating a URL JLabel in Swing

So, you need a simple clickable URL JLabel in your Swing application? You can, of course, use third party libraries to do this, but why add another dependency f

Crystal Reports User Group Selections

The basis of this solution is to control which fields are grouped on within the report, this will in turn change the summary operations and change the entire co

Guide to Writing Custom Functions in Excel: Part III, C++ RTD add-in

Asynchronous XLLs (topic of a future post) are similar to RTDs in that they can pull data into Excel but the difference with RTD add-ins is that they can also

An Introduction to Sql 11 (Code Name Denali) –Part VI (T-Sql Features in CTP 3)

In this article we have seen the new and the enhanced functions from TSql perspective that Denali CTP 3 has offered us.It is really a good list of functions whi

Run As - Preset

Points of Interest The nicest thing I've got from this application (other than its usefulness - at least in my opinion) is the knowledge of "messing around" :-)

Try not to implement Property with only set accessor TIP

Although if you think for a sec, it sounds good to have many times a writable property but not readable. In fact, even I had the same notion many a times while

Delegates internals

I was just digging inside the delegates, action and anonymous delegates via lambda expression. I started to ask a few curious questions to myself and thus set

Collections for WPF and NHibernate

The "CoreHelpers" project includes a OneToManyAssocSync helper class that makes it easy to maintain in-memory the semantics of a one-to-many bidirectional assoc