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Metro UI (Zune like) interface (form)

Download - 87.87 KB Introduction  The future of Windows Interfaces is probably the Zune-like ones, with a borderless form and some controls inside of it. The problem is: if you're using WindowsForm, creating that borderless form with shadows and resizing stuff's aren't as easy as it seems. This arcticle will show you how to create those forms using a bit of DWM and some oth

Another DataGridView Printer

Download source code - 37 KB Download article PDF - 783 KB Introduction I went looking for a class to do printing from a DataGridView, and none of them did all that I was looking for. I needed to print all pages, some pages, or the current selection; and I needed to not have objects, controls, or code from the printer object sprinkled through the rest of my code - i.e., it needed to be complet

WPF Speedster

Download - 2.25 MB Download - 2.28 MB Introduction I had the idea to design something in Expression Design that would spawn into a WPF project to simulate a 'super-fast', four wheeled (three in this case), sleek machine, and later WPF Speedster was born. The nice looking vehicle you see in the screenshot above functions more as a dragster and I shoul

Displaying Twitter (tweets) in ASP.NET

Introduction Hi everyone! Again this article is the fruit of a need I had. I've been searching for a couple of days how to show social networks' updates (from twitter, youtube, facebook...) and after getting a terrible headache, I decided to do it myself. And I want to share how I did it. Background The truth is that all this Social Networks have APIs that allow developers to integrate our app

Filtering a Sampled Signal Using FIR Filters

Introduction FIR stands for Finite Impulse Response. In the analogue world, if you wished to filter a signal, you would use capacitors, resistors and inductors wired together to create the filter of your choice. In the digital world, you can still apply a filter to a sampled signal being received by a method of multiplying the samples by as series of coefficients and summing to create a new (fi

Add some AI to your combo box lookups

Introduction If you do a lot of manual input on database applications you probably appreciate the autocomplete function of combo boxes. As opposed to the standard first-letter response of the default windows combo box control, there is a myriad of combo box implementations out there. You can find some very impressive yet free implementations, ranging from plain JavaScript to AJAX controls; checkb


Download Example 1 - 12.67 KB Download Example 2 - 10.7 KB Download PVS - 17.7 KB Download VB.NET version of the article - 7.22 KB Copyright © 2010 PVS The Netherlands - Free to Use, Not for Sale. Introduction This is an MCI Wrapper Class Library for .NET developers for easy but powerful playback of movies and/or music from within your application using Microsoft Windows built-in

Create a Custom Settings Provider to Share Settings Between Applications

Download demo - 1.02 MB Introduction In the context of .NET applications, settings are data that are not the main input or output of a program, but are nonetheless necessary for the program to function. Like business data, settings can change. An example of a setting is a folder path or a Web Service URI. Settings are often stored in application configuration files (app.config or web.config) to

BindingHub - a new component and design pattern, very useful in WPF as well as in ViewModels

Why do you need BindingHub? Before diving into concrete use cases and implementation details, let’s see what is missing in the current WPF implementation. WPF is supposed to be declarative programming, so all code must go into CodeBehind / ViewModel. Unfortunately, any non-trivial ViewModel quickly becomes Spaghetti with Meatballs (see Wikipedia if you don’t know what that means), littered with

Create custom windows in WPF with ease

Introduction  One of the features I wanted to add to Synergy toolkit was the ability to quickly create custom theme windows with all the features of a standard windows. In this article I am demonstrating how to create a custom window theme visually using declarative XAML and apply it to windows in your applications. You can download Synergy SDK with full source code here. You may also wa

Cases when a static code analyzer may help you

The static code analysis method is the method of searching for places in program text that are highly probable to contain errors. Programmers use special tools called static code analyzers for this purpose. Having got a list of suspicious code lines, a programmer reviews the corresponding code and fixes errors detected. Static code analysis is used most often for controlling the quality of a proj

Building a docking window management solution in WPF

Download Synergy - 1.89 MB Introduction Window docking is a familiar functionality in multi-windows applications. As a user interface developer this behavior has always charmed me and so I thought of developing the same functionality in my own WPF toolkit. I know there are many implementations of similar solutions out there, some even open source, but my aim was to take this personal proj

PHP NuSOAP Tutorial

Download nusoaphelloworld - 171.22 KBDownload NuSOAPTutorial - 90.94 KB Overview The purpose of this tutorial is to discuss in detail how to create a NuSOAP/PHP/SOAP web service using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. This tutorial is ideal for beginners and experts alike.I wrote an article some time ago discussing how the development of SOAP/PHP web services using NuSOAP. This was a very general t

CP Vanity for Windows Phone 7

Download CPVanityWP7_src - 53.33 KB Marketplace deeplink Introduction   This app started as a (very) quick and dirty port of Luc Pattyn's CPVanity app to the Windows Phone 7 platform. Once that was done it just seemed lacking a Rss reader of codeproject articles and forums. Why? Because if we don't have one already we definitely need one! Background   To do the po

MyCache : Distributed caching engine for web farm. Part II : The Internal Details

Download MyCache - 1.05 MB Introduction If you are reading this article, you may already have gone through the demonstration of MyCache in the following article: MyCache : Distributed caching engine for web farm. Part I : The Demonstration.   Well, if not, you are suggested to go through the above article to have a look at the usage, capability and high level ar

Pupil or Eyeball Detection and Extraction by C# from eye image

Download demo - 94.19 KB Introduction Using C# code and Aforge library, we can easily detect and extract the pupil from an eye image. Algorithm Step 1 - First take the eye image. Step 2 - Make it invert. Step 3 - Convert it to gray scale. Step 4 - Use binary filter taking threshold value 220. Step 5 - Find the biggest object. Step 6 - Find that objects center point and height. Step

Immutable Array for .NET

Download source - 22.59 KB Introduction Wikipedia defines an immutable object as "an object whose state cannot be modified after it is created". The most wildly used immutable object is certainly the String object: I think it's also the most wildly used object in general. Immutable objects are usefull when thread safety is a concern and/or when an instance of an object must be accces

A simple trick to resize a control at runtime

Download ResizableControl - 10.23 KB Download TCPaint - 215 KB Summary This article describes a simple method to resize a control at runtime. It includes ready-to-use source code and a complete sample demonstration application. We'll also talk about C# Extension Methods. Introduction In one of my applications I needed a control that could be resizable at run time. Just like the canvas in M

Applying OpenSSL: CTR mode in file encryption

Download CryptModeCTR_Example - 407.64 KB Introduction Information security on PC becomes more and more popular, so I want to cover some issues of this topic – in particular, the using of ciphers to prevent data stealing from a physically removed hard disk. Cipher is the sequence of steps to transform original text (plain text) to cipher text, which completely can’t be read by unauthor

WPF Grand Prix

Download GrandPrix_EXE - 195.85 KB Download GrandPrix_SRC - 711.26 KB Table of Contents Introduction System Requirements The Interlagos Circuit Visible Part Of The Circuit Track Layers The Race Car The Starting Grid PerformingCurves Spotting Positions Stats Panel Finishing The Race Final Considerations History Introduction Making a racing game was