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Customizable Loading Indicator for Silverlight 3

Download Silverlight demo project - 38.05 KB Introduction I wrote the first version of the article a year ago. I needed a simple loading indicator for my Silverlight application, something like a spinning wheel. I found a few controls, but... some of them were too complex, some - pretty hard to customize. Finally, I created my own control and published an article on the CodeProject. The feedba

Configuring printer settings programmatically

Download - 16.2 KB Introduction The usage of DocumentProperties and SetPrinter API functions gives an opportunity to change the printer settings. But, when using them, I could not have a stable method of changing settings on all Windows OS versions. Below, all possible methods of changing printer parameters will be described and also the solution of how to obtain the

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics Axapta with Temperature Conversion C# Application - Part II

Download - 78.34 KB Download - 97.98 KB Introduction To understand this article one have to go through the Part-I. This will be useful for those ISVs or clients who would like to send the data back to Axapta after processing from third party application. As earlier stated in Part – I, when temperature will be converted than the temperature dat

Visual Studio Add-in for testing regular expressions

Download RegexTester - 43.82 KB Introduction Writing regular expressions can be frustrating and hard to get right. Having a tool for testing them in your development environment would be nice but I haven't found a free Visual Studio add-in for testing regular expressions, which actually works the way I want it to, so I have made one myself. It has the following features: Allows you to edit yo

A Sample Silverlight 4 Application Using MEF, MVVM, and WCF RIA Services - Part 1

Download source files - 657.97 KB Download setup package - 1.57 MB Article Series This article is part one of a series on developing a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services. Part 1 - Introduction, Installation, and General Application Design Topics Part 2 - MVVM Light Topics Part 3 - Custom Authentication, Reset Password and User Maintenance C

REST Technobabble

Jump to: Integration with Visual Studio Introduction For most developers, Visual Studio is the best tool for the job. And due to a variety of factors, it is also often the only one. It comes with a plethora of project templates to get a developer started or to aid a seasoned professional. Regrettably, the templates are often oversimplified samples that end up in the real products for the mere f

Converting ASP.NET control check box list into drop-down check box list.

Introduction When a developer wants to display a list of items with the ability to select some of them, there are not many options available, actually it comes to only two: List box Check box list Both have some disadvantages. The list box control selection is just highlighting of a row, which is visually weak type of selection, multiple selection is not intuiti

Javascript number formatting for multicultural environments

Introduction The purpose of this article is to help JavaScript number conversion to and from strings thus allowing the UI to respect the .net CultureInfo.NumberFormatInfo selected by the user. Background Ever since i started working in web development i have had to deal with a normally bilingual community. You see, i come from Montreal and most people speak french, many english and obvio

Introduction to Parallelism in .NET 4.0

Back in the day, processors had a single core and clock speeds increased steadily every year.  This meant that although writing multi-threaded code for a single CPU gave some performance improvements (since single-core CPUs usually try to execute multiple threads), it was hardly the top of any developer’s list of priorities.  In the last few years, clock speeds have reached a plateau and

Custom Validation Summary

Download CustomValidationSummary - 3.01 KB Introduction One month ago I have been working on an project that I still working on and I came a cross a point where I wanted to have a centralized Validation Summary and Multi-Validation Groups, of course with no hesitations I added a centralized validation summary and started to do my validation ... but unfortunately I wasn't lu

Enable multiple asynchronous postbacks at the same time.

Download MultiplePartialPageRequest_src - 22.61 KB Introduction When a page makes multiple asynchronous post backs at the same time, the post back made most recently takes precedence. Please refer the demo. There are 3 buttons in an update panel which when clicked will update their respective labels with server date time stamps. If you click on button 1 and then immediately click on button

Preventive method for URL request forgery- An example with ASP.Net MVC

Download SecureUrl - 723 KB Introduction Threat and security measures go hand in hand in the history of internet era. We have improved a lot in security measures to make hacker's life really hard. Here I am expalining a method which prevents the submission of any malformed URL request (forged URL) to a web application. The idea is simple that any URL request to the secured application spacecan

Improving ASP.NET MVC MUSIC STORE more usability with DotNetAge in 30 minutes

Download mvcmusicstoredna - 5.62 MB Introduction MVC Music Store is a tutorial application built on ASP.NET MVC 2. It's a lightweight sample store which sells albums online, demonstrating ASP.NET MVC 2's productivity features and data access via Entity Framework 4. When we get the MVC Music Store source code,we will found it's too simple to use and it's looking is very bad. So i will

ASP.NET Scopes Framework: a powerful alternative to Forms and MVC

Download source code - 68.17 KB Abstract An idea to compose a page from data bound hierarchical scopes is a new web development approach intended to simplify building of reach Web 2.0 applications, maximizing a level of separation between presentation and server-side logic, and minimizing the impact of framework architecture and infrastructure on the resulting back-end code design. The way dat

SOHA - Service Oriented HTML Application (Session and Security)

Introduction In the first part of this article, we've discussed Service Oriented HTML Application's key distinguish features, it has loosely coupled front end and service, backend service is presentation agnostic business logics and provides data access, web server serves static HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Assets files without any server pages generating HTML, and on the client side, D

Consume WCF Rest Services using jQuery Ajax Calls

Download - 53.59 KB Introduction This article presents a method to consume cross-domain WCF Rest Services using jQuery Ajax Calls with an example. Background Representational State Transfer (REST) is a style of software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web. It was first introduced by Roy Fielding in his PhD thesis "Architectural Style

String conversions made easy

Introduction Every programmer has them lying around, you know what I'm talking about, those little utility functions that help with string conversions. Especially in website development where everything is treated as plain text I can't go without some easy functions to help me with the parsing of DateTimes, Booleans, Integers and Guids amongst others. When I recently came across an article abou

Working on Json objects in jQuery and MVC

Download - 77.06 KB Introduction This article uses a simple example to answer some common questions when working on Json objects in jQuery and MVC. Background "JSON" (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. When working together with "jQuery" and " MVC" in building web

Design pattern FAQ Part 3 ( Design pattern training series)

Introduction This FAQ article is continuation to design pattern FAQ part 1 and 2. In this article we will try to understand state pattern,stratergy,visitor,adapter and flyweight pattern. In case your are completely new to design patterns or you really do not want to read this complete   article do see our free design pattern Training and interview questions / answers videos. If you

Web Application State

This article explains how to maintain the web application state. Download sample - 738 KB Introduction Web Application State A Web page is recreated every time it is posted back to the server. In traditional Web programming, this means that all the information within the page and information in the controls is lost with each round trip. To overcome this limitation of traditional Web