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Give your computer Sleep Apnea - Don't let it go to sleep

Sleep apnea is not normally a good thing, but I needed to prevent our workstations from going to sleep. Our domain workstations were going to sleep in the middl

TRocket - Twitter Client [OPEN SOURCE]

TRocket is just like any other Twitter client. The only difference between TRocket and others is that TRocket is open source, which means any developer can modi

Tuple in C# 4.0

C# 4.0 introduced a new data type Tuple. Tuple is not new in software engineering, but of course it is new in .NET framework 4.0. A tuple is a simple generic da

WPF: Webcam Control

I have on several occasions scoured the net for a simple to use WPF webcam control and either my search queries were awful or I just wasn't comfortable with wha

How to Get Elevated Process Path in .NET

As you know, retrieving process path in .NET is quite straightforward. For example, if you have process instance someProcess you can get the process path by acc

Mutliline String Literals in VB.NET

For as long as I can remember, VB.NET programmers have had to deal with the frustration of multiline strings. I remember programming in ASP.NET and creating lon

How to Implement Inheritance in Javascript

If you have done Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, you will know that you can create a class as follows:

A macro to flip between the source and header file (and back again)

The macro journey begins here, moving a function from a header file into its source file. The first problem presents itself as thi

Top five reasons that an application fails for certification in Windows phone 7 apphub

I have recently submitted my first home made application to the windows phone marketplace (AppHub) to be more precise. The link to the application is : Binary C

Adding Social Buttons, Twitter, facebook, Google +1, to ASP.NET MVC

An easy way to add social buttons to your site is to have a nice and portable ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper. According to the documentation for Tweet button, Facebook

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development

As a Microsoft MVP, I was fortunate enough to be able to see demos and follow the development of Microsoft’s project Kitty Hawk, better known now by its release

Operation Performance Evaluation

Ever wondered if some programming languages stereotypes like "Fortran is the fastest language" or "C++ cannot be matched by Java or C#" are still valid? This ar

Play Midi Notes using MMSDK and C# (Managed Platform)

Midi notes can be played using MMSDK very easily, using the MMSDK and any Managed .Net 2.0 Framework supporting language like C#. Its so simple, just adding the

Partial Validation with Data Annotations in ASP.NET MVC

This article is a follow-up to Andy West's blog post about performing a conditional validation when using .NET data annotations on a model in MVC.

How to Compare Two Spreadsheets in Excel

Several ideas were suggested and considered, including going through each sheet line by line using VB code. The problem always came when either or both sheets w

Invoking People Hub in Windows Phone 7 Emulator

Many a times, your application would require to access the contacts of the user. Fortunately, the Windows Phone Emulator provides you with a few dummy contact e

Understanding Amazon Web Services


XSLT 2.0 in .NET


Game Attack Combos : WPF Hybrid Smart Client for Combo Calculations


Living in a Mobile Bubble

I’ve been so entrenched in learning the mobile paradigms over the past few months, that I suddenly realized I’m living in a mobile bubble. I have come to the